Monday 7 November 2016

An Explanation

“Making Art is like having an honest conversation with
yourself which you have the courage to show to others.”

I was born in Berlin and obsessed with scribbling at an early age, to the point of ripping down the wallpaper in our apartment so that I could draw on the back. At school, in Toronto, I was always “that kid that could draw” and almost always in trouble for it. Scribbling over notebooks and drawing while I should have been studying was a source of constant anguish. Since that early age I have learned to define myself by the conflict that seems to exist between making Art and participating in society. The tension between having a rich inner life and feeling comfortable in ones surroundings has always been both a blessing and a curse. On the other hand I can only be thankful for the many friends and teachers who have aided and abetted my artistic pursuits. Any self-doubt and confusion ended with the absolute freedom that was given to Art students while attending York University. During my studies I came to understand I am playing my part alongside all those people that identify themselves as artists. After graduating, I have worked in mostly design related fields, some notable, however I have also always self initiated Art projects which were shown in a long line of exhibitions in places like Prague, Berlin and here in Toronto. I’m hoping that with persistence I can finally call myself a “professional Artist”, one who is finally socially accepted for my own ideas while not having to present design work for others.

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